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Rajiv and Familly

I write to provide a letter of reference and recommendation for Anne Marie Kirkpatrick. My wife and I met Anne Marie in the summer of 2007, prior to the purchase of our townhome in Terra Nova.


From the outset, my wife and I found Anne Marie to be an ideal realtor for our first home purchase as a young couple. She was patient despite the anxiety we experienced making the largest purchase of our young lives at the time. Moreover, despite a competitive real estate market in September 2007, Anne Marie was very persistent and diligent in arranging and attending several townhome viewings throughout Richmond until we found the right unit. At all times my wife and I felt reassured that she was deeply vested in our interests to secure the right home, rather than trying to secure a quick sale. Anne Marie understood precisely the type of home we were looking for (newer and modern) and was not willing to compromise until we found the right fit.

 My wife and I decided to sell our townhome and purchase a detached home this past fall because we had outgrown our townhome. Our first move was to contact Anne Marie. From October to early January, she helped my wife and I view, discuss and analyze several homes in Delta and Richmond.  Anne Marie was always immediately accessible by phone, responsive to my calls and requests to arrange home viewings at our schedule , and determined to find the right home for our family. As well, she had no reservations about advising us when she thought a prospective home we viewed would not be suitable for our family. That type of candor, again, reassured us that Anne Marie was genuinely committed to helping us find the right home, rather than securing a quick sale.


Despite a very challenging real estate market and our occasional frustration with market conditions, with Anne Marie’s persistence and patience, my wife and I were able to finally find a beautiful home in the right neighbourhood. We expect to spend several years in our new home raising our young family with the confidence knowing that we made the correct purchase.


Finally, this letter would not be complete without some comment on Anne Marie’s professional integrity. At a time when there is growing public discontent about some of the real estate industry’s professional ethics and questionable practices by some sales agents, it was reassuring to known that Anne Marie has a high sense of professional integrity and commitment to the profession’s ethics. As I have mentioned, first and foremost, she places her client’s interests before her own. On a finer note, she prudently gives advice to her clients, but is wise to ultimately take the clients’ instructions on making an offer, the sale price, conditions, etc.


In summary, Anne Marie is an asset to your office and the profession. My wife and I are very happy that she was involved in the biggest and most important purchases of our lives and we expect to continue our relationship with Anne Marie on a personal and professional level in the future.




Rajiv and Family


Travis & Lacey Gu

Dear Anne Marie:

Lacey and I would like to extend our warmest thanks for your professional and prompt assistance in helping us secure our very first home in the lower mainland this past summer. We initially started our home search with another realtor who did not provide the professional quality of service that came with her reputation. You were introduced by an acquaintance in our personal network and we were immediately struck by your professionalism and attention to detail in our first meeting. After sheduling some preliminary viewings to help narrow down our search criteria, you were prompt to act on our behalf and help immediately identify potential homes of our interest. Given the short window that we had to work with and a difficult personal loss you had to face during this time, we were particularly grateful for your impeccable professionalism and prompt response. We were able to promply close the sale within a month of our first viewing. In restrospect, we are very lucky to have met such a wonderful and professional realtor like your self and we will not hesitate to recommend you to others in our network.

Travis & Lacey Gu (October 2009).

Jorn & Jillian


If you are like us, we found that buying a new home and selling an old one are stressful events because the entire process poses so many questions. Are we selling at a good price and getting the most we can? Have we chosen a good home? What possible options have we considered or not considered in buying a new home?

We had minimal experience in this entire process, we bought and sold when the housing market was slow and uncertain, and we had the added worry of selling our old home home and purchasing our new home from afar. In such circumstances, it is best to have a trusted and learned friend to help. We found this friend in Anne Marie.

With regards to seliing our home, Anne Marie gave us the best possible advise-do not chase the market. Following her advice, we priced our condo competitively, it sold quickly, and we received very good value for it (near our asking price). Had we gone with another realtor or followed our own naive thoughts on the matter, we would have priced the condo too high, and we would have not sold it. Instead, it was sold in three weeks and we got the initial value that we wanted. Four months later, most of the other units in our building are still up for sale, while ours is long sold. Our success did not originate from good luck-we had Anne Marie.

With regards to buying our house, Anne Marie was patient as we considered many different homes and she gave us advice that we would have not considered on our own. After much looking we decided to purchase a new home. Often when buying a new home, the developer encourages you to buy alone (i.e., without representation). We continued to have Anne Marie represent us. Following her instincts and advice , we ended up purchasing the home for significantly less than its listing price and she handled all of the paper work. We ended up purchasing our home for tremendously good value, and with relative ease because Anne Marie was in our corner.

At present, we are delighted with our new home, and very pleased with the value we received for our old home. The ease and satisfaction that we experienced originated solely from Anne Marie's thoughtfulness, diligence, substantial knowledge and experience. We felt as if we were being given advice from a close friend or family member--she represented our best interests and her personal attention and dedication are unlike any oher sales person that we have encountered. so, if you wish to take the stress out of buying and selling you home, be treated with warmth and understanding, and benefit from tremendous know ledge and experience, then choose Anne Marie.

Thanks Anne Marie.

Sincerely yours,

Jorn & Jillian

Pete and Leah

Dear Anne Marie,


Leah and I would like to thank you so much for all the hard work and dedication that you and George provided during our search for our first home. Thanks to your professionalism and integrity we were sucessful on purchasing our first home. The experince seemed effortless and for that we are truly gratedful.

We would definaltely recommend your services.

Kind reagards,


Pete and Leah
January 2011.

Katherine Covell and Brian Howe

Anne Marie Kirkpatrick and George Hills
Remax Westcoast
Richmond, B.C.
August 2, 2012

Dear Anne Marie and George,

Brian and I want to express our sincere appreciation to you both for the remarkable service you have provided to us in our relocation to Steveston. We began our search for a new home with some trepidation, but you demonstrated a real understanding of our needs, likes, and limits so quickly the search became a pleasure.

Since the first time we chatted with you George at the Richmond Mall, you have shown a level of professionalism and friendliness that we have not experineced before in any of our many moves around the country. We have been particularly impressed, and very pleased, with the extent to which you continue to anticipate our questions and needs and continue to be there for us-long past the actual sale. In fact we have come to think of you both as friends-people on whom we can depend to have our best interests as a concern and be there for help as needed.

So thank you for being such terrific real estate agents, and especially for being so much more. We certainly will strongly recommend you both to anyone for buying or selling a home.

Best wishes,

Katherine Covell and Brian Howe

Michael D. Dryall

1304-500 Kings Road
Sydney NS
B1S 1B2

To Whom It May Concern,

Over the past 30+years I have been President of a business consullting company, THE BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT COMPANY. that has worked with hundreds of companies throughout the world.

Experience has taught me a great deal in particular, I've recognized that consistent and outstanding results are based on actions resulting from intelligent business decisions.

Although providing testimonials or references for individuals can be done with caution and limitations, this is not the same in this situation.

In working with Anne Marie and George over the past couple of years I have no hesitation whatsoever on placing my entire reputation and integrity on the line.

Anne Marie and George have repeatedly acted with integrity, purpose and professionalism. They are srongly alert to the ramifications that major decision might have on their clients' lives.

You are welcome to contact me anytime by email or by telephone and I will gladly ensure availablility to answer any questions you might have pertaining to Anne Marie and Georges' actions or abilities.

Best regards,

Michael D. Dryall, President

December 2013

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